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  Call Mark at 615-366-5964:
Sales: Neutrik- Rean / EDAC / NTI / Switchcraft  
Microboards / Primera Technology
Services: CD-CDR-DVD Audio/Data Replication
Audio Editing / Mastering / Data Compilations
I'm celebrating my 30-year anniversary in show business
in 2004. I started with a music degree in piano from the
Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music. I was a professional
musician for 18 years, owned a sound company for 6 years,
and ran a DJ service for 4 years. My wholesale parts business
was founded in 1991,  my Mastering and Replication business
started in 1994. I enjoy learning and talking to people who know
more than I do. I like to think I've learned a little and know a
little about pro audio. I have continual doubts with respect to
my knowledge and understanding. When you stop doubting
your abilities and understanding, that's when you stop learning.  

"In pro-audio there are no problems... only challenges and solutions"

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